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Social Media Strategist, YouTube Consultancy & Fan Engagement Expert.

"I can help you stand out and position yourself as a noteworthy voice in your field." 

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Why Me?

I have over a decade of experience creating online content for high-profile individuals, bands and artists.


I want to help you present yourself online by curating content and ideas that represent what you do and making yourself known. It should be fun and it should never compromise how you feel or your image.


I started out as videographer and editor and then moved on to specialising in YouTube and shortform content on social media platforms. I am an obsessive and my goal in life is to put this knowledge to good use! 


I enjoy nothing more than seeing the people I work with succeed.

Following trends is important, but creating content that sits on its own, without relying on transient moments, is vital for success and far more rewarding.

So, What Can I Offer You?

Creative Production
My foundation is in videography, editing and podcast production. I can help you produce audio or video content. This can be a video or audio based shows, behind the scenes tour content or promotional content.
Youtube Optimisation &  Consultancy
I can help optimise your YouTube channel and teach you the methods that give you the biggest chance for success, be that viewership, community or revenue. 
Fan Engagement & Community
The world of fandom and enthusiasts is a huge area of interest for me. I have a Masters in Creative & Cultural Industries from Kings College University that specialises in the relationship between fans and celebrities in online spaces.

I am a huge advocate for harnessing the relationship artists have with their fans, including fan clubs and forums, online communities and paywalled fan-only content. It should never be underrated nor taken for granted - the fans are your audience and they're there for you!
Social Media Strategy & Online Content Curation
I can advise on what kind of content you should be sharing, when you should do it and what not to do.
Finding, organising and sharing content that adds value and maintaining your social media platforms so you are providing a consistent yet simple presence online.
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